Welcome to Cherry Tree Poultry

Dedicated breeders of pure breed poultry, with 7 years experience of incubating, hatching and rearing chicks to growers to adult hens and cockerels.

New lines of Rhode Island Reds and Light Sussex have been sourced from recommended breeders and we look forward to producing some quality birds in the Spring.
Hatching Eggs will be available from February, pullets and laying hens from March onwards.

However, we are able to offer an incubation and hatching service (including a brooder service for up to 7 days) for your own large fowl and bantam fertile hatching eggs.


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Incubation and Hatching Service

Eggs in the incubator are candled at 8 - 10 days and we keep you informed of their progress throughout. Unfortunately we cannot guarantee hatch rates but we will provide the best possible conditions for the whole process.

Once your eggs have hatched we will brood your chicks for 3 days at no extra cost. However, there will be a brooder fee of €2.50 per day thereafter for up to 24 chicks. Your chicks must be collected within 7 days.

All fees include time for service provided, feed, space and labor.

€1.00 per egg (1 - 24)
.75c per egg (25+)

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